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President Hassan talks about Security at RUSI Centre

LONDON (SD) -President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who spoke at the RUSI Security Research Center in London, spoke about the Somali Government’s offensive against terrorism and his vision for the future of Somalia. The President explained the stages of the war to liberate the country from the Khawarij and the challenges and progress made, pointing out that for the first time the government has established a clear policy to fight terrorism which is the basis of a three-pronged war:

Military War
Economic war
And Ideological

The president, who reported the progress made in the operation to clear the country of terrorism, indicated that more than eighty regions where the Khawarij were harassing people are free today, and the federal government has provided basic services such as free education, health, and water. The President spoke deeply about the importance of the economy and development of the country and in the areas that were liberated from the Khawarij and pointed out that they are the most suitable land for the development and promotion of the country’s production.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud talked about the government’s plan to take over the responsibility of the country’s security and the departure of the ATMIS, underlining the government’s efforts to rebuild the national army and is committed to ridding the country of terrorism in a short time. The President also said that the AMT troops will leave the country by the end of 2024.

The President suggested to the international friends who support the reconstruction and development of Somalia to redouble their efforts to support Somalia, at this important time, to ensure meaningful success in the ongoing efforts of liberation, reconstruction, and development.

The President praised the Somali people for their role in the liberation struggle, noting that they are the foundation of the visible achievements of the national forces in the liberation of the country.

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