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SSC-Khatumo and Somaliland forces clash in Yeyle, Sool

YEYLE (SD) -Intense fighting has erupted between the Somaliland forces and SSC Khaatumo in the Bisiqa region, particularly in the Yeyle district of Sool.

The conflict is reported to be escalating, with limited detailed information available about the current situation and the extent of casualties on both sides.

Recent clashes have occurred in the Buqdharkayn and Yayle areas, involving both Somaliland and SSC Khaatumo forces.

The Somaliland government states that the recent conflict in Yeyle, Sool, is part of its effort to address political instability in Puntland.

Somaliland’s Minister of Information, Cali Maxamed Xasan Cali Mareexaan, mentioned that some leaders of SSC Khaatumo, currently in Garoowe, Puntland, have endorsed the recent fighting, intending to quell the public and political figures in Puntland.

On the other hand, SSC Khaatumo has reported on recent significant clashes in the Yeyla district and other areas of Sool between their forces and those of Somaliland.

They claim that their representatives on a peace mission were attacked by Somaliland forces, despite their peaceful intentions.

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