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President Said Deni Appoints Puntland Drought Relief Committee

GAROOWE (SD) – Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, today chaired a meeting of the Puntland Council of Ministers in Garowe, the capital of Nugal region.

The meeting discussed a number of issues including security, water and electricity development projects, changes in some districts in Puntland and a Drought Situation Committee.

President Dani appointed a Committee of Ministries to expedite addressing the effects of the drought and delivering aid to those affected.

The cabinet have also made changes to the status of some districts in Puntland submitted to the cabinet by the Ministry of Interior.

The districts of Baredo, Armo, Bocame, Hingalol and Harfo, which were previously in the third grade (C), have been promoted to the second level in the districts of Puntland (B).

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