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Presidential Candidates union convene over election concerns

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Presidential Candidates Union held a conference in Mogadishu focusing on new developments in the country’s electoral process.

The meeting was attended by some members of the Union of Presidential Candidates, discussing issues related to the election of most of the candidates of the Upper House, criticizing it for being a selection rather than an election.

Wadajir party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, a member of the council, told the media that the meeting would last three days.

“A three-day meeting of the Union of Candidates has begun today. We will discuss the latest situation in the country, especially in electoral matters.” said Abdirahman Abdishakur.

“Before announcing the position of the Union of Candidates on the election process, we will consult with the Prime Minister, heads of regional states, civil society organizations and the international community.” added Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame.

The reason for the candidates’ meeting today is said to be that it is now clear that state leaders are selecting members of both houses of parliament.

So far, 26 senators have been elected in four state capitals, with each state leader selecting its own candidate, and the states are still in the process of selecting members of the 11th parliament.

These consultative meetings of the Union of Candidates are the first of their kind since the start of the Upper House elections in Somalia.

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