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U.S. adds Al Shabaab Leaders to the list of international terrorists

Washington October 18, 2022 (SD) – The United States today announced financial sanctions imposed on a network that allegedly facilitates the finances of Al-Shabaab.

A statement issued by the US State and Treasury Departments said the designees have a leadership role in Al-Shabaab and are Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

“Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury designated a network of al-Shabaab financial facilitators who hold leadership roles within al-Shabaab and act as key interlocutors between the group and local companies in Somalia.” said the U.S. Treasury.

Adding “This network has engaged in weapons procurement, financial facilitation, and recruitment activities for al-Shabaab. In addition to being leaders within al-Shabaab, these facilitators have had direct contact with other previously designated al-Shabaab officials.”

The individuals being designated today are:

  • Mohamed Mire is a senior al-Shabaab leader responsible for the group’s strategic decision-making and leads the group’s interior wing, overseeing many of the group’s activities in Somalia.
  • Yasir Jiis is an al-Shabaab leader and the commander of the armed wing, the Jabha, which conducts attack operations.
  • Yusuf Ahmed Hajji Nurow, also known as Gees Ade, is the chief of al-Shabaab’s intelligence wing, the Amniyat, which plays a key role in the execution of suicide attacks and assassinations in the region.
  • Mustaf ‘Ato is a senior Amniyat official responsible for coordinating and conducting al-Shabaab attacks in Somalia and Kenya and has helped plan attacks on Kenyan targets and U.S. military compounds in Kenya.
  • Mohamoud Abdi Aden is an al-Shabaab leader and was part of the cell that planned the Dusit2 Hotel attack in 2019.

“Treasury is focused on identifying and disrupting al-Shabaab’s illicit networks operating in Eastern Africa,” said Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson. “We will continue to take action against the weapons smuggling and fundraising activities of al-Shabaab and other al-Qa’ida affiliates.”

Al-Shabaab reportedly collects around 100 million dollars a year in taxes from businesses and local residents.

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