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Puntland: Aid was sent by UNHCR Not Feds

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland government has denied the federal government’s claim that it sent three planes full of aid to Garowe,meant for the victims of the Qardho floods.

The baseless claims were made by a government delegation led by the Minister of Planning and International Relations of Somalia Jamal Mohamed Hassan who spoke to the media at the airport.

The delegation, which also included MP’s and the Deputy Minister for Assistance and Disaster Management for the Somali Federal Government Abdirashid Mohamud Hassan, said three planes brought rain bags, tents, carpets and utensils, for the flood victims in Qardho town.

However, Puntland’s Interior Minister, Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad, said the aid materials came from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and he was surprised by the government’s claims.

“I am getting information that Puntland representatives in the central government that came to visit the victims, are claiming that the UNHCR aid came from the federal government, that’s not true.” the minister said.

The claims of government officials have been described by insiders as a failed attempt in gaining relevancy and a political campaign run a mock.”

However, the Somali Federal Government has recently allocated a million dollar to help the flood victims in Qardho.

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