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Puntland: Appeal court upholds militant’s death sentences

BOSSASO (SD) – The Court of Appeal in the Bari region of Puntland State of Somalia has upheld a death sentence member of the Daesh group.

The Court of Appeal of Bari region found the men guilty of being responsible for the bombings and planned killings in Bossaso.

The accused appealed the previous court ruling, were again sentenced to the same, after the appeals court upheld last month’s decision of the court of first instance of the armed forces.

The guilty previously confessed to the alleged crimes, as some of them were former members of Al-Shabaab organization.

The court adjourned the case of Abdirahman Shirwac Isse (Lahore) who was absent and was among the accused who were sentenced to death by shooting.

Puntland regional state of Somalia is constantly at war with Al Shabaab and Daesh militant groups.

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