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Somaliland MP’s “This country will not be ruled by force.”

HARGEISA (SD) – Members of Somaliland’s House of Representatives held a press conference today in Hargeisa said that they will investigate into the recent prodemocracy rallies in Somaliland in which scores of civilians were killed and injured.

The MPs also responded to a threat they said President Muse Bihi made against them in a speech last night.

“The President’s 28 minute speech left the nation with sense of doom. We, the members of the House have a constitutional immunity, so it is not acceptable after killing and injuring civilian to come after us.” Said MP Mustafe Khaireye.

The MPs who spoke today at the front steps of the House of Representatives of Somaliland said that they want the House to come back from vacation, as to start investigating the death of protesting civilians.

“This morning we came together to sign a motion demanding that the House of Representatives return from vacation immediately. Said MP Mukhtar Meydhane.

The MPs’ statement follows prodemocracy protests that have left many civilians dead and others injured across Somaliland on Thursday.

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