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Puntland appoints SSC-Khatumo MPs to Regional State House

GAROWE (SD) -According to reliable sources, more than 60 members have been so far selected as the new members of the Puntland Parliament.

The official number of the Puntland parliament is 66 MPs, with 6 MPs left to be appointed.

Reports say that some of the remaining members will be announced in the next few hours and will be referred to the election dispute resolution committee.

17 members of the SSC-Khatumo have been selected by the government and referred to the Dispute Resolution Committee.

The Parliamentary Approval and Dispute Resolution Committee announced last night that today is the deadline for the submission of the MPs’ application.

This comes as the SSC-Khatumo Parliament today warned against SSC-Khatumo members being appointed to Puntland’s House of Representatives.

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