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Puntland arrests an opposition official

Garowe (SD) – Chairman of the Youth Wing of the Mustaqbal Political Organization Ahmed Sahid Qasim Mohamed was arrested in Garowe today.

The official is reportedly arrested for a campaign speech he made in Eyl district in Nugal, which he criticized the Puntland government.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Mustaqbal Political Organization Abdifatah Sugulle said the arrest Ahmed Sahid violates the freedom of expression of the Individual and that of the political organization.

“Freedom of speech is a constitutional right and is clearly defined in the Puntland Constitution, no one is above the constitution and the laws of the country” said the statement from the Mustaqbal.

Adding “The multi-party system cannot work with a threat of imprisonment, and intimidations, the political associations must have the freedom to criticize the government, We call on the leaders of the Puntland government to promptly release Ahmed Qasim Mohamed “

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