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Women in Las Anod support Deportations

Las Anod (SD) – Some women in Las Anod, Sool region, today welcomed the Somaliland Government’s move to deport southerners in the region, alleging that the community were behind the killings in Las Anod.

The women who held a meeting at one of the hotels in Las Anod, said that they supported the operation to deport people from Southwest, Somalia.

“We are here to support and stand by our government’s decision, the President, Minister of Security, the Governor, mayor, the commander and armed forces at the front.” Said one of the women.

The women accused the Southerners in Sool region were responsible the assassinations in Las Anod, asking to return them to their region safely.

“Our brothers from the South had weapons with them, those weapons were used to kill our men, we shouldn’t complain, we requested security, and we got it, they will be returned to their regions safely.” Said another woman.

The women reirrigated that Somaliland and Somalia are two countries and that everyone needs to stay in their country.

The Somaliland government, this week began the deportation of Southwesters from Las Anod, so far, about 2000 people are deported, including men, women and children.

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