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Puntland arrests Human traffickers in Bossaso

BOSSASO (SD) – Puntland police have arrested a network of human traffickers in Bossaso the capital of Bari Region.

The Police received tip on the network’s leader and men helping him recruit youngsters in Puntland and around the region.

The regional security Forces said the team were planning to smuggle more young people out of Bossaso town of Bari region, but were intercepted by regional security departments.

The Bari regional administration took over a boat and other vehicles the group was planning to use to transport youths to Yemen and Libya.

Police in Bossaso, gave no further details on the arrest of the network planning to smuggle youths out of Bossaso.

The city of Bossaso is used to smuggled migrant youths seeking better life in Western countries.

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