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Somali government opens access to UN-Terminal at Aden Adde airport

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Federal Government of Somalia has reversed it’s decision stopping the usage of Movcon Terminal at Aden Adde International Airport, used by UN agencies, Amisom and Western Embassies.

Security minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur issued the order re-opening the Movcon Terminal, to be carried out by the agencies.

Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Ministry recently announced the Terminal was closed, and was welcomed by Somalis who tied the move to the country’s sovereignty.

The order to close the terminal indicated that the UN flights into the airport were not approved by the Immigration department and passenger Documents were never made available to the Immigration authorities.

According to the sources closed to the minister, the move to re-open the terminal follows talks between the Minister of Security and diplomats in Halane camp, discussing the imposed closer, previously opposed by the UN and AMISOM.

The orders to close and re-open the said terminal are given by ministers siding with the opposing President and PM of Somalia, which some describe as a travesty

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