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Somaliland: Students protest at a second private School in a week

Hargeisa (SD) – Salaam High School, one of the private schools in Hargeisa, was sustained large scale destruction by protesting students today.

The exact cause of the students’ protest is not known but is being investigated, according to Education Minister Ahmed Mohamed Diriye Torno.

The principal of Salaam school was reportedly arrested after the protest.
Minister Torno today alleged that private schools in the country are forcing students to buy their own books.

“Books other than those published by the ministry, which the students are free buy, can be bought from anywhere, cannot be forced that they buy from any school,” said Minister Torno.

The minister also said students are being forced to buy food from the school’s cafeteria.

The minister described the private schools managers and owners as a rebel group working against the government.

“These guys conspiring in a WhatsApp group saying we will do this and that, thinking they can oppose the government are a rebel group” said minister Torno.

It was only on March 3 that students at Nuradin High School staged a similar protest at their school.

Students from the said private schools are complaining about alleged financial pressures and abuses at the hands of owners and managers.

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