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Puntland cabinet members from SSC-Khatumo criticize Presidential candidates

GAROWE (SD) – Ministers from the Puntland government and former politicians from the SSC-Khatumo regions issued a joint statement today and criticized the recent decisions announced by opposition candidates in Puntland.

In their statement, members of the Puntland government from the SSC-Khatumo regions stated that yesterday’s decision to exclude SSC-Khatumo MPs from the Puntland parliament by the opposition candidates did not comply with the Puntland constitution.

The members also said in their statement that they support the committee for resolving disputes and selecting MPs and that their work should not be interfered with.

The statement from the ministers of the Puntland government from SSC-Khatumo regions also cautioned opposition candidates not to use the Dhulbahante MPs as bargaining chips in the selection process.

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