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Turkey discusses their mediation role in the negotiations between the federal government of Somalia and Somaliland

Mogadishu (SD) – Turkey welcomed the meeting in Addis Ababa between Somaliland and Somalia presidents Muse Bihi Abdi and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in February.

Turkey’s ambassador to Mogadishu Mehmet Yilmaz, in an interview with VOA Radio, was asked about Turkey mediated meetings between Somaliland and Somalia, he said. “There has been a significant development recently, on this topic. The president of the Somali republic and the Somaliland president met in Ethiopia. An apology was given. In particular the apology of the Somali president and his acceptance of this, we see it as a positive outcome, it was necessary ”.

He also said the Turkish government’s role is to mediate, so the people who will do the work are the negotiating parties and our role is to guide the dialogue.

“We are only a mediator and we see the solution to Africa’s problems is with Africa, and from this we want the parties to guide us, and of course we can have advice and suggestions, looking ahead to the meetings, we will consider assessing the feedback we have received from the parties and will take further steps to address this. ”Mehmet said.

Somaliland and Somalia didn’t comment on the Turkish ambassador’s comments on the dialogue.

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