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Puntland: Defends new law banning FGM

Garowe (SD) – Somalia’s regional Puntland State Minister of Justice Awil Sheikh Hamid said there was no Qur’anic verses or hadith authorizing female genital mutilation.

“As per Islamic law, there is not a single verse that mentions female genital mutilation, and there is no single hadith that says that female genital mutilation can be performed, ”said Awil Sheikh Hamid.

Puntland’s Minister of Justice has described the hadiths cited by some clerics as evidence of female genital mutilation (FGM) as weak.

Minister Hamid noted that his ministry is ready to discuss the legal issue regarding the ban of the female genital mutilation recently approved by the cabinet.

He also said that the law banning female genital mutilation is a principle adopted by the Puntland government, and that no one in particular is pushing it.

The Minister of Justice made the remarks at a joint press conference in which other Puntland government ministers also responded to some clerics who opposed the law banning the female genital mutilation.

The law banning female genital mutilation, now approved by Puntland cabinet ministers, is currently before parliament for approval.

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