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Puntland demands suspension of Somalia’s debt relief process

June 30, 2023 (SD) – Puntland has called on the IMF and the World Bank to completely suspend the debt relief process for Somalia, while the existing disputes among Somalis are resolved.

This move against Somalia’s debt relief process, which has been going on for a long time, comes at a time when Puntland and Federal Government of Somalia are in a very messy political conflict.

The Puntland administration has also rejected the news from the Minister of Finance of Somalia, who said that there is no conflict in the country’s debt relief process.

Dhabancad dismissed the statement of the Minister of Finance at the Federal level, which was that debt forgiveness is not among the issues that Puntland and the Feds disagree on.

“We are saying that the current debt forgiveness in Somalia is dangerous. It could throw the country back into civil war. We want to suspend and postpone the discussion table,” said Dhabancad.

He also mentioned that the Somalia debt forgiveness process cannot continue, if the current political differences are not resolved.

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