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Puntland Demands to be included in the Somalia Somaliland talks

Garowe (SD) – Puntland State of Somalia said the Somaliland-Somalia talks in Djibouti wouldn’t be relevant without their involvement.

” I can’t understand the purpose of any dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland that Puntland have not been given a role. because its Puntland and Somaliland that share a border.” Said Jama Dabarani.

The presidential spokesperson questioned the motive of the talks between Somaliland and Somalia poised to take place in Djibouti this week.

“In order to achieve positive and genuine unity, the Puntland authorities, including the Puntland politicians representing Sanag, Sool and Eyn, are involved in the talks, otherwise the dialogue will appear to be ineffective and is just politics “said Dabarani.

Puntland and the federal government have not had any working relationship for years now.

Puntland representatives in the federal Government are not currently scheduled to participate in the Djibouti talks.

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