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Puntland deploys hundreds of newly trained troops to Buhodle

Buhodle (SD) – A large contingent of recently trained Puntland Darawish troops has arrived in Buhoodle district in Cayn region, where they were given a warmly welcome.

The force, made up of hundreds of soldiers, were recently trained at the Puntland Army Training School in Gen. Careys in Godad area of Mudug region.

Members of the Puntland Parliament, Cayn regional administration, Buhodle district administration and a large crowd welcomed the troops to Buhodle, where they will set up base.

Buhodle is one of the few districts in Sool and Cayn regions that Somaliland does not control. The welcoming officials said that the troops deployed today will help strengthen security in Cayn region.

Somaliland and Puntland have fought several times over the the control of the region, with Sool and Sanaag being the frontlines of the dispute.

The Somaliland government has not yet commented on the deployment of Puntland-trained troops in Buhodle district.

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