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Puntland: Efforts to mediate the President and his Deputy hits a Snag

Garowe (SD) – Efforts are reportedly underway in Garowe, Puntland, to mediate between the Regional state president Said Abdullahi Deni and his deputy Ahmed Karash.

The dispute between the two officials came to light after President Deni recently appointed the commander and his deputy-in-chief of the Puntland presidencial guard.

Ahmed Karash rejected the appointment insisting that the president did not consult the appointment of the commanders with him, and issued a decree cancelling the appointment in the same day.

Politicians, members of the Puntland councils and traditional leaders are said to be mediating the conflict, and are now working to resolve that dispute, according to sources close to the members of the ongoing consultations.

The mediators are said to be having hard time in convincing the President and his deputy to step back from their decisions and except the proposed terms of undisclosed terms of agreement.

Its not the first time these officials and their camps clashed over regional, tribal priorities and power sharing issues.

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