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Puntland Electoral Commission Holds Elections for Six Seats in the Lower House of the Parliament

MOGADISHU-(SD) – The Puntland State Electoral Commission (PEC) has finalized the elections of six seats in the Lower House of the Somalia Parliament, which took place today at the 54th military base in Garowe.

The first selection was for HOP092 seat, and it was won by politician Mohamed Farah Nuh (Mohamed Dheere) with 91 votes, while his rival Ruwayda Mohamud Mohamed received 1 vote.

The seat marked 094 was won by Sahra Abdilahi Egal with 87 votes, whereas her opponent Fardowso Mohamed Adan received 3 votes.

Nimo Omar Abdi, who is running for the HOP121 seat, won the seat by a show of hands of the voters after Farhiya Yusuf Omar forfeited.

HOP014 seat, contested by Daoud Abdikarin Sheikh Omar and Abdirizak Ahmed Hussein, was won by Daoud Abdikarin Sheikh Omar with 90 votes, while Abdirizak Ahmed Hussein received 3 votes.

In the HOP 075 seat, Abdiqani Mohamud Mohamed won after his opponent Ahmed Abdirahman Elmi withdrew from the race.

Finally, in the HOP 174 seat, Khadra Ahmed Mohamed won by a show of hands after her rival Layla Abdi Farah resigned.

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