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Puntland forces capture foreign ISIS members

BOSSASO (SD) – The Puntland Security Forces (PSF) have this morning launched an operation in the mountainous areas of Bari region, capturing foreign fighters.

The operation carried out in the mountainous Timiro area of Bari region, targeted a group of seven Da’esh foreign fighter in Somalia were hiding.

According to reports, PSF forces have managed to capture three Oromos who were fighting alongside ISIS, after their activities were closely monitored in recent days.

PSF said that the three men, who had previously traveled to Bossaso to migrate, had confessed too being members of the ISIS group and provided supplies.

“After a lengthy investigation, the terrorists confessed to being members of ISIS and transmitting supplies and other materials to them, and they are of Oromo ethnicity in Ethiopia.” the PSF said.

The names of the men arrested and those who escaped, have been released, and it is said that they are all Oromos who migrated to Bossaso.

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