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Puntland indicts Yemenis for Terrorism

Garoowe January 10, 2023 (SD) – Puntland Military Court in Garoowe has today started hearing cases against 15 people who are accused of being members of Al-Shabaab, including Somalis and foreigners from Yemen.

The Yemeni suspects were arrested by Puntland forces in a raid on a boat carrying weapons and supplies to Al-Shabaab, in Bandar Bayla district.

The Puntland Military Court’s prosecution has stated that the accused include Al-Shabaab fighters who were hiding in the mountains, participated in attacks on Puntland military bases in Af-urur, Bali-khadar, and were in charge of logistics and supply operations for the group.

The prosecution has stated that the suspects have admitted to being members of Al-Shabaab before the court.

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