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SNA says in killed more militants

Mogadishu January 10, 2023 (SD) – Somalia’s state-run media today reported that the Somali military and national security forces have conducted an operation on the outskirts of Hawadley area in the Middle Shabelle region, and killed several Al-Shabaab commanders and fighters who were accompanying them.

The operation, which was carried out in conjunction with international forces, was said to be a follow-up to an earlier operation in which 61 Al-Shabaab members, who were planning to attack a military base were killed.

The government media has reported that the new operation resulted in the death of 15 Al-Shabaab members, including two commanders.

It also stated that these members had managed to escape the earlier operation. Among the killed commanders is a man named Farhan who was reported to be Al-Shabaab’s commander in charge of the Hawadley area and another commander named Ismail Ibrahim (Garweyne).

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