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Puntland MPs Threaten Succession over Benadir Seats in the Upper House

Mogadishu (SD) – Puntland regional parliament has today strongly debated a resolution passed by the Somali federal parliament giving Benadir region 13 seats in the Upper house.

Puntland MPs, who debated the issue, called the parliament’s decision, called the parliament’s decision one that could further weaken the trust and cooperation between the Somali people.

Parliamentarian Ahmed Abdirahman Jama (Kuluc), said Mogadishu’s representation could’ve come through a legal process that is defined in Chapter 15 of the Somali Provisional Constitution.

“People have agreed on that constitution, everything outside of it is just nonsense” said MP Ahmed Abdirahman Jama Kuluc.

Parliamentarians have repeatedly referred to Article IV of the Puntland constitution, which clearly dictates, until a Somali constitution is adopted by a popular referendum, Puntland have an independent government.

On the other hand, a number of Puntland MPs have proposed a parliamentary motion to move the Somali capital from Mogadishu to a different another agreed upon city.

Puntland and Jubaland states have strongly condemned Benadir region getting 13 seats at the Somali federal Upper House, sitting power sharing issues and lack of constitutional basis.

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