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The UN and the EU praise proposal to delay election in Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia welcomes National Election Commission Chairwoman Halima Yarey report to the lower house of the Somali Parliament yesterday.

“The UN in Somalia thanks the Chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Halima Ismail, for presenting technical options to achieve a direct voting for Somalis as early as March 2021.” UNSOM said in a tweet post.

UNSOM also thanked the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, for presenting the types of techniques necessary to win a direct election in Somalia in early March 2021.

“Now that Chairperson Halima has presented electoral options, United Nations in Somalia is urges broad consultation among Somali political leaders to reach consensus on way forward – the planned meeting between the Federal Government and the Federal Member States is a good next step ”. UNSOM said.

Meanwhile, EU Representative to Somalia Nicholas Berlanga congratulated the Chairwoman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, emphasizing the need for political consensus based on the principles agreed upon by opening the political arena, from election to selection, and election time.

“The EU joins UN in congratulating NIEC and its Chairperson for the presentation yesterday. We also insist on the need of political consensus based on agreed principles: opening of political space (from selection to election) and timely elections.

EU long-term partnership with Somalia is inserted in the gradual implementation of a participatory, democratic system. In this sense, March 2021 option seems technically more realistic, financially more cost-effective and better aligned with agreed principles”. Said Nicholas Berlanga in a tweet.

The statement comes a day after Halima Yarey told parliament that elections will could not be held on time, and an extension is needed for it to take place, effectively escalating the political discourse in the country.

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