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Puntland parliament ends in chaos and disorder over election law

-Today’s meeting of the Puntland Parliament in the city of Garowe has ended in chaos and disorder after disagreements among lawmakers over amending the electoral law.

Footage shared on social media showed heated arguments and physical confrontations among opposing parliamentarians, leading to a chaotic scene. Some lawmakers appeared to engage in scuffles, indicating a lack of consensus on amending the election law.

The dispute arose after a committee tasked with amending the electoral law proposed amendments to be voted on at a later day, triggering disagreements among the parliamentarians.

The contentious issues include considerations for altering the electoral process and providing opportunities for inclusivity and mediation in the decision-making process.

The tension prompted the Parliament Speaker, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, to abruptly adjourn the parliamentary session. Another committee has been appointed to address the controversial aspects of the electoral law and report back to the parliament by the 26th of this month.

In addition to the parliamentary discord, there are reports of dissenting lawmakers expressing their grievances to the media, raising concerns about the potential impact on the political stability of the region. The situation underscores the challenges in reaching a consensus on critical political matters within Puntland.

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