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Somalia: Close to 100 died in Floods

-The Federal Government of Somalia has today provided a new update on the country’s situation, particularly the challenges arising from the floods.

The Somali Disaster Management Authority (SoDMA), presented a report to the Cabinet detailing the impacts of the El Niño-induced floods, particularly affecting various regions in the country.

SoDMA, in its briefing to the Cabinet, highlighted that the floods have affected over two million people, causing destruction to homes and displacing communities. Additionally, the report confirmed that nearly two hundred thousand people have been directly impacted by the flooding, with 96 fatalities reported.

The meeting also discussed the ongoing efforts and initiatives by the federal government to respond to the crisis, emphasizing the need for humanitarian organizations and the Somali society to collaborate in assisting those affected by the floods.

Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, presented a firsthand report from his visit to Doolow district in Gedo region, which has been significantly affected by the floods. He highlighted the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address the challenges posed by the severe flooding in southern and central Somalia.

The country is currently facing a critical humanitarian situation due to widespread flooding caused by El Niño, exacerbating the existing challenges in the region.

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