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Puntland Police Clashes with PSF forces in Bossaso

BOSSASO (SD)-The Police Chief of Puntland spoke about the incident that occurred today in Bossaso in Bari region, where there was a confrontation between the Police Force and the heavily armed forces of the Puntland Security Forces (PSF).

In a press conference held in Garowe, the Chief stated that PSF troops launched an attack on the Bossaso Police Station, where they clashed with police at the station, resulting in the release of detainees and the injury of two soldiers.

He mentioned that the released detainees are considered security threats and urged the authorities and community members to apprehend them.

At least three people were injured in a significant exchange of gunfire that took place today in the city of Bosaso, the capital of Bari region.

Reports indicate that the clash between the two forces stems from a dispute involving individuals affiliated with the PSF who were detained at the main police station in Bossaso. The PSF forces have dismissed the police chief’s claims.

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