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Somaliland: Electoral Commission accuses the government and the ruling Kulmiye party of interference.

HARGEISA (SD)-The Somaliland Electoral Commission has accused the government and the ruling Kulmiye party of obstructing its work with illegal interference.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Muse Hassan Yusuf, along with other commission members, has called out the government and its party for interference in electoral matters.

“The National Electoral Commission has issued a warning to the government and the Kulmiye party, accusing them of interfering in electoral affairs for political gain, violating electoral laws and regulations,” said the Chairman.

He stated that the government had encroached upon the duties and responsibilities of the commission, and they were hindered in executing them.

He urged all electoral stakeholders to adhere to electoral laws, vowing that those who obstruct the commission’s independence will face legal measures.

Meanwhile, the Waddani party has also accused the government of seeking to introduce new electoral equipment, which they claim cannot be implemented within the agreed-upon timeframe.

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