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Puntland: Police seized military equipment intended for ISIS

GAROWE (SD) -The Police Force of Puntland in Nugal today seized military equipment that was intended for terrorist groups.

The police apprehended a vehicle and its occupants, totaling five individuals, four men and a woman, who were questioned by security agencies.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Nugal region had previously received intelligence on the suspected individuals.

The individuals detained and the vehicle they were traveling in were reportedly headed towards the mountainous areas of the Bari Region, which have been notorious for militant activities, and were intercepted upon entering from southern Somalia.

The Police Force of the Nugal Region said the suspects and the confiscated vehicle will be handed over to the judicial authorities.

They also issued a stern warning to all individuals involved in activities jeopardizing public safety that legal measures will be taken against them, urging the people of Puntland to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to ensure that legal actions are taken against criminal elements.

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