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Puntland president brags in defeating Somaliland

Garowe(SD)-The president of the semi-autonomous state of Puntland has announced at the 45th Session of the Puntland Parliament today, that his government has succeeded in the war against Somaliland.

President Deni’s visit to the parliament was contention, due to questions surrounding his performance.

But the president got a cheering applause when he gave details on how his government, in few months liberated land from Somaliland.

Somaliland had lots presence in the eastern part of the country, until reconly.

“The entire Sanaag region, with the exception of Yubbe town and a few others, was controlled by Puntland during our mandate.” said president Deni.

The Puntland president also mentioned their recent success in creating local council in Buhodle for the first time.

President Deni who is possibly facing may survive the motion due to his success against Somaliland, since Puntlanders value that above all.

It’s no secret that the Kulmiye regime is struggling to up keep not Somaliland’s economical status but also it’s stature.

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