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Puntland President sets conditions on appointing New Electoral Commission Members

Garowe (SD) – Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble visiting Garowe, the capital of Puntland State of Somalia held talks with Puntland President Said Deni, about the country’s election process.

The Prime Minister of Puntland, Mohamed Hussein Roble, called on the President of Puntland to appoint the required members of the Puntland State Electoral Commission.

President Deni linked the appointment of the commission to two conditions, resolving the Gedo issue, which the federal government and the Jubbaland administration are at loggerheads over.

The regional President also wants a review of the controversial election commission appointed by the federal government.

Opposition candidates seeking the presidency allege that the electoral commission include members of the security forces and civil servants who cannot be neutral in the elections.

According to sources close to the Puntland presidency, Prime Minister Roble and President Deni appear to be in a stalemate and neither side wants to compromise.

Prime Minister Roble appears to be facing the toughest political test since taking office, as he wants the speedy completion of the Puntland and Jubbaland Electoral Commission.

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