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Puntland Supreme Court hears case against sacked MPs

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland State Supreme Court has today heard for the second time the case of eight members of the State Parliament who were recently stripped of their parliamentary immunity.

Puntland Attorney General Mohamed Yusuf Mohamud accused the eight lawmakers of destroying property and violating the constitution, but lawyers representing the MPs called the Attorney General’s allegations illegal, and stated that a case initiated by a criminal offense cannot be reversed.

Lawmakers who have been stripped of their immunity say they have previously requested that their case not go to the Supreme Court, as the chief justice and the first deputy speaker of parliament are related.

The state supreme court concluded its hearing today, with lawyers representing the eight sacked lawmakers rejecting the move.

The Puntland Supreme Court will in the coming days announce the verdict in the case of the 8 MPs who were stripped of their immunity and charged with criminal offences.

MP’s Abdiaziz Said Gaamey, Saleban Farah Isse, Mohamud Ahmed Aalim and Abdiqani Abshir Jama all appeared before the court today.

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