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Puntland to establish a constitutional court

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland State Parliament is for the first time attempting the establishment of a Constitutional Court, which is crucial step to the implementation of a Multi-Party System.

The Puntland state Parliaments is currently debating the finalization and approval of the nine-member Puntland Constitutional Court.

The formation of the constitutional court, however, the move requires the addition of the four more judges, selected from the public, to the current five member Supreme Court judges and the Constitutional Court will be chaired by the Chairman of the Supreme Court.

Two of the new four judges will be selected by the House of Representatives, while the other two are selected by the cabinet, and all will have to be confirmed by the state Parliament.

Once established, the Constitutional Court, will then have the power to resolve constitutional disputes within the regional state. It will be of particular importance for the implementation of the multi-Party System, which Puntland is currently transitioning to.

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