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Rebel leader Gen. Huud Meets with President Farmajo over Troops Deployment to Beledweyne

MOGADISHU (SD) – At a press conference in Mogadishu today, General Abukar Haji Warsame Huud addressed several issues, including the general situation in the country, and the government troops deployed to Beledweyne.

General Huud said that the talks between him and President Farmajo are still continuing, and an agreement has been reached to find a lasting solution to the concerns of the people of Hiiraan, which is yet to be finalized.

General Huud said, “”We have come to Mogadishu to work on an agreement with the government. That agreement will benefit the people of Hiran.. Farmajo and I have met, and we discussed what we can do for the people of Hiiraan to stop the uprisings.”

Speaking about his position on the issue of the people of Hiiraan’s Uprising, he said that he has not changed his position on the Uprising and the search for the rights of the people of Hiiraan.

Leader Abukar Hud, also spoke about the recent deployment of troops to Beledweyne, said that the troops are Somali forces, and that if they did not function as Somalis, they would be withdrawn from Beledweyne.

“If the troops deployed in Beledweyne do not work in a Somali way, we will bring them back. If they work in a Somali traditional style, then it is the Somali army,” said Abukar Huud.

The statement from General Abukar Huud comes at a time when the forces deployed in Beledweyne are seen as a tool used to loot the seats of the House of the People to be elected in Beledweyne.

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