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Somaliland: Convicted Prisoners Executed by Firing Squad

HARGEISA Tuesday, September, 6, 2022 (SD) – Four people sentenced to death after being found guilty of murder were Executed today.

The execution by fire squad, happened in Madheera prison in Saahil, Region.

One of the executed was Lieutenant Colonel, Salah Bulaleh Jama, who killed a young girl named, Najma Abdillahi Maykal on May 3rd in Hargeisa.

Five people were supposed to be executed by the firing squad, but the fifth person was spared after an amicable agreement had been reached between the two relevant clans.

The same thing happened on February, 16, 2022, where two prisoners had been removed from the execution list.

This is the second time Somaliland Government carried out capital punishment executions within this year and previously executing 4 officers on February, 16, 2022.

 The international community has shared their concerns on the capital punishment executions that Somaliland government exercises, pressuring them to stop.

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