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Rep. Ilhan Omar: I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment.

Washington (SD) – Ilhan Omar a member of the House of Representative from Minneapolis said she is drafting the articles of Impeachment against the outgoing President Donald Trump.

The remarks come after supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol House of Congress during the announcement of the winner of the Presidential November 3, 2020 US election.

Donald Trump, who addressed his supporters shortly before they moved on to Congress, saying that he will never ever concede and called the November 03 election fraud.

Rep. Ilhan Omar wrote on her twitter page that she is currently writing documentation to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump hours after violent Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

It is the first time in recorded history that Capitol Hill has been taken over by angry mobs. It is a dark day that has taught the history of American democracy.

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