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Repel group releases Djibouti Soldiers

Djibouti December 22, 2022 (SD) – According to AFP reported that the Djibouti government has handed over six of its soldiers who were taken by the country’s FRUD rebel group.

FRUD told the AFP that they did not want to prolong the worries of the families of the imprisoned soldiers, nor did they want to imprison Djibouti citizens, so they have decided to hand over the soldiers to the neighboring government of Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia issued a statement quoting the ambassador to Djibouti, and said that “those soldiers have been handed over to the government of Djibouti” adding that the two governments are working together to strengthen peace and security cooperation.

FRUD which has widespread support from the Anfar ethnic group launched a rebellion against the Djibouti government in 1991.

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