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Republicans oust Ilhan Omar of committee

Washington Feb 04, 2023 (SD) – -Today, the Republican members of the US House of Representatives voted to remove Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, from the Foreign Affairs Committee, accusing her of making anti-Israel statements.

This action further escalated tensions between the two parties after the Democrats previously removed Republicans from committees in the first session who were accused of making inciting statements.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy after taking the gavel was able to unite Republicans to remove Ilhan, who is originally from Somalia.

Removing members from committees in the House is a rare event, which last occurred two years ago when the Democrats voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Green from Georgia and Paul Gosar from Arizona, both far-right Republicans.

But after a long debate in which the Democrats accused the Republicans of targeting Ilhan because of her race, the vote to remove her was 218-211, with both sides voting along party lines.

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