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Russia to support Somalia in addressing issues related to counter-terrorism efforts

MOGADISHU (SD) -Today, the Minister of Defense of Somalia, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur (Jama), received at the Ministry of Defense headquarters the Russian Ambassador to Somalia, Ambassador Mikhail Golovanov.

During the meeting, the minister and the ambassador discussed the intensification of joint efforts and Russia’s support for Somalia in the fight against the Al-Shabaab group in some parts of the country.

Minister Jama also emphasized the importance of Somalia’s reliance on international partners’ support in addressing issues related to counter-terrorism efforts, stabilization, and the modernization of the Somali security forces.

Russian Ambassador to Somalia Mikhail Golovanov reiterated his country’s commitment to supporting Somalia, underscoring the mutual interest of both Russia and the Somali people in the stability and security of Somalia.

During recent meetings with senior Somali officials including President Hassan Sheikh, the ambassador explained how Russia intends to support the Somali government, particularly in ensuring security and combating terrorism.

Russia and Somalia, once close allies 40 years ago, had parted ways during the Somali-Ethiopian war of 1977. However, their relationship has been gradually improving.

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