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Somali Minister of Finance Attends the annual meeting of Arab Financial Institutions

CAIRO (SD)-The Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, Bihi Iman Egeh, who is in Cairo, Egypt, participated today in the opening of the annual meeting of Arab Financial Institutions, held this year in Cairo.

This two-day conference will focus on the development of financial systems in Arab countries, economic cooperation, and overcoming existing challenges.

The conference will also discuss the economic impacts of Middle Eastern crises on global finance and investment.

Minister Biixi Imaan will present a report to the Arab Financial Institutions on the progress of Somalia’s debt relief efforts, economic development, and the Federal Government’s plans for post-debt relief.

The Minister will also discuss how international and Arab institutions can support Somalia in its economic development.

During his participation in the conference, the Somali Minister of Finance will hold bilateral meetings with leaders of other countries and heads of Arab Financial Institutions that collaborate with the Somali government.

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