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Security forces and gunmen clashed in the capital last night

MOGADISHU (SD) – Fighting between Somali police forces and armed gangs wearing military uniforms took place last night in Karaan district of Benadir region.

According to reports, the fighting between the armed gangs and the police lasted for several minutes and resulted in casualties on both sides.

The fighting reportedly left one of the assailants dead and several others wounded, including the deputy police chief of Karaan district, Da’ud Dalmar.

The troops also reportedly arrested a group of youths in Jamahiriya neighborhood, armed with knives and machetes and used to harm civilians.

Security officials said they would take strong action against the gangs and youths they captured, adding that they would continue security operations there.

Karaan district is dominated by clan-based armed gangs, and there are frequent killings, rapes and robberies in the neighborhoods of the district.

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