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Senior al-Shabaab leaders arrested in SNA operation

MOGADISHU (SD) – Two senior al-Shabaab leaders been arrested and several others were eliminated following security operation in north of Somali capital, military official confirmed.

Speaking to the military owned radio, Abshir Mohamed Mohamud, SNA commander for Unit 3 said the ring leaders were nabbed in a village along the road linking Balad and Jowhar towns.

“We arrested two militant commanders after our forces acting on intelligence raided an al-Shabab controlled,” he said.

During the operation, the military killed another senior al-Shabaab militant, According to Mohamud.

“Our forces killed a senior Shabab commander who was in charge of planting landmines in the Middle Shabelle region,” Mohamud said.

The military did not disclose the names of the military targeted in the operation.

The development comes barely a day after Somali military backed by Amisom conducted operation to flush out militants hiding in the Sayga forest.

The forces arrested arrested several al-Shabaab militants following security operation in Middle Shabeelle region.

According to Amisom said the operation was aimed at ensuring free movement of Somali people on the main supply route of Mogadishu-Jowhar,

Al-Shabab, which is seeking to overthrow the government, has continued to restrict the movement of people and control supply routes to most of the restored areas, according to Somali authorities and humanitarian agencies.

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