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Sheikh Adan Siiro describes the Women’s quota as an infidel project

Hargeisa (SD) – Sheikh Adan Adan-siiro, one of Somaliland’s outspoken clerics, today for the first time addressed the controversial Electoral Law issue in interview to a local television.

Somaliland both Houses of Parliament (the Senate / House of Representatives), have recently approved the country’s electoral law that didn’t have women’s quata.

Sheikh Adan-Siiro told Bulsho Television “The electoral law says that women should be given a 30% quota, which didn’t come from us, the United Nations and other interest groups are imposing it on Ahlu Sunna Muslim countries. ”

The sheikh also said, “Islam values mothers, girls and women very much, and has given them the role of producing the right Muslim children who can take participate in life.”

He added that the quota seats project in the House of Representatives is being pushed by infidels “We are talking about a project that is being pushed by these men who say we are the First World (supporting us), financially, and mobilizing your people, we have seen the EU Special Representative for Somaliland and Somalia campaigning for women.”

Sheikh Adan Haji Mohamed commended the House of Representatives and the Senate for removing the quota seats from the Electoral Law “We congratulate the House of Elders and the House of Representatives of the Republic of Somaliland. We say you have done your duty and we stand by you, Thank you,” he said.

The sheikh also praised the police for arresting people who were spreading Christianity in Somaliland “We are 100% Muslims, we are all members of Ahlu Sunna. It is not acceptable for any other religion to be spread, and Islam does not allow it, so we congratulate the police forces of the Republic of Somaliland for arresting those who were spreading other religions. ”

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