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Sheikh Sunne confirms he has joined Al-Shabaab

MOGADISHU (SD) – Sheikh Adan Abdirahman Warsame (Adan Sunne), a well-known Hargeisa based Islamic Preacher, had recently fled the country and admitted to joining AL-Shabab.

In an interview with BBC sheikh Adan said that he had left Hargeisa and was now living in areas controlled by Al-Shabab, and refused to disclose his exact location.

Sheikh Adan made it clear that he and his family had willingly decided to leave Hargeisa, he mentioned that he had many difficult experiences in Hargeisa and that he was not able to freely express his views and practice sharia.

The Sheikh stated that he and his family are now safe with Al-Shabab, and verified that has officially joined the group.

Somaliland recently announced that Sheikh Adan Sunne had fled the country, and that the Islamic preacher had been arrested several times in Hargeisa on suspicions of being a member of AL-Shabab.

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