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SNA and Jubaland forces take on AS in Gedo

KISMAYO (SD) -Detailed information has emerged regarding recent operations conducted by both government and Jubaland administration forces against Al-Shabaab militants in various areas of Gedo region.

The coalition forces carried out operations in several districts between Luuq and Doolow in Gedo region, areas where Al-Shabaab has previously held sway.

Brigadier General Osman Niniole, the commander of the 43rd Division, who led the operations, informed the media that six Al-Shabaab members were killed and more were injured.

General Niniole also stated that the government forces are committed to maintaining pressure on Al-Shabaab and driving them out of Gedo region.

This operation is part of ongoing efforts by both federal and Jubaland forces to root out Al-Shabaab militants from areas they have been controlling in Jubaland.

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