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Somalia: Puntland forces detain Pirates

BOSSASO (SD) -The maritime forces of the Somali regional state of Puntland, which conducted a major operation today, have seized a vessel suspected of being a Somali pirate ship, along with illegal weapons and equipment.

The operation took place off the coast of the town of Eyl, one of the areas notorious for pirate attacks on commercial vessels.

According to reports from the Puntland maritime police, they are investigating the captured group.

The army also said that they are looking for the pirates who recently ransomed a ship belonging to Bangladesh for $5 million, which the Somali pirates released.

Furthermore, as part of their operation, the army seized a Yemeni fishing boat, which was fishing illegally on the eastern coast of the Somali regional administration of Puntland.

Puntland aims to deter pirate attacks targeting the region’s waters, especially around the Eyl area.

Pirate activities have resurged in recent weeks, with several attacks reported on Somali and international waters.

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