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SNA kills several al-Shabaab fighters in Middle Shabelle

MOGADISHU (SD) – At least five al-Shabaab fighters have been and several others sustained injuries after clashes with Somali military in southern Somalia.

The forces engaged the militants in Wardagah village of Middle Shabelle region, according to Osman Ali Ahmed, a military commander who spoke to the media.

Ahmed said that the forces recovered thevillage which was under al-Shabab control following a military operation.

“Our forces conducted a massive operation to the liberate the area under the terrorist group.  Wardagah village is now under the control of Somali military,” Ahmed said.

In a separate statement on Wednesday, Somali military said its forces liberated several villages Somalia which had been under al-Shabab rule following covert security operation in Middle Shabelle region.

The villages liberated include War’ise, Gallef, Qordere, Jilable and Ali Foldere.

The officials said the forces are still continuing with the operation to ensure all the militants are flushed out of the areas they still have control on.

The capture of the villages added to several others regained in the recent by joint Somali and African Union forces operations and is gradually reducing the group’s hold of the regions in the southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab group was routed from Mogadishu in 2011 by the allied forces and has had to abandon most of its strongholds, but it still controls vast rural areas and remains the key threat to peace in Somalia.

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